Town Of Berry, Alabama

Municipal Court

The Berry Municipal Court convenes on the 4th Tuesday of each month, unless changes are necessary.  Please call Marie McCluskey if you have any questions, regarding the court dates.

Fines for these offenses can be paid without coming to court:

Criminal Littering (1st offense) $607.00
Handicapped Parking (1st offense) $280.00
Handicapped Parking (2nd or subsequence within 12 months) $330.00
Loitering $407.00
No insurance $230.00
Noise Ordinance $357.00

Tickets may be paid in person by coming to the town hall office building at 30 School Avenue, Berry, Alabama.

You may also pay your ticket online by clicking here.

For more information or if you ahve questions, please call 205-689-4562.