Town Of Berry, Alabama

Municipal Court

The Berry Municipal Court convenes on the 4th Tuesday of each month, unless changes are necessary.  Please call Marie McCluskey if you have any questions, regarding the court dates.

Fines for these offenses can be paid without coming to court:

Criminal Littering (1st offense) $607.00
Handicapped Parking (1st offense) $280.00
Handicapped Parking (2nd or subsequence within 12 months) $330.00
Loitering $407.00
No insurance $230.00
Noise Ordinance $357.00


Driving on the wrong side of road $210 Expired license $255
Expired tag $200 Failure to dim lights $190
Failure to obey traffic control device $200 Failure to use child restraint $210
Failure to wear seat belt $ 66 Failure to yield right of way $200
Following too closely $200 Improper backing $200
Improper brakes $200    Improper lights $200
Improper muffler $195 Improper or no rear view mirror $200
Improper passing $200 Improper signal $190
Improper stopping/parking in highway $210 Improper tag $205   
Improper tires $200 Improper turn $200
Improper window tinting $200 No Insurance or proof of insurance $230
No helmet (motorcycle rider) $190 No plainly visible tag $230
Operating a vehicle without license $255 Running red light $200
Running stop sign $200 Speeding – less than 25 over posted speed $200
Speeding - 25 or more over posted speed $220 Speed – exceeding reasonable & prudent $200
Stopping on highway $210 Texting while driving-first offense $205
Texting while driving-second offense $230 Texting while driving-more than two offenses $255
Violating driver’s license restriction $240    


Tickets may be paid in person by coming to the town hall office building at 30 School Avenue, Berry, Alabama.

Or call the court office at 205-689-4562 to pay with a credit card.

For more information or if you have questions, please call 205-689-4562.