Town Of Berry, Alabama


Town of Berry - Established 1883

Thompson Berry settled in this area in the 1840s. Berry devoted most of his time raising cattle and farming. As time passed, he became the owner of a gin and gristmill and several thousand acres of land in Fayette County. In 1882-1883, the section of the Georgia-Pacific Railroad which connected Birmingham, Alabama and Columbus, Mississippi was built. Arrangements were made with Mrs. Ben Jefferies and Mrs. Eliza Harvey to locate a depot approximately midway between the two cities. The depot was named Berry for Thompson Berry, the first settler in the area and father of Mrs. Jefferies and Mrs. Harvey.

In November 1882, the town of Berry was incorporated; the town limits being set by measuring one mile in all directions from a public well dug a short distance from the depot. The first store and post office was operated from a boxcar by Ab. Seay even before the track of the railroad was completely laid.

In 1899, the town held its first municipal election-the first mayor being Birks Bagwell.

Records give the following names as past mayors of the town of Berry (some dates may be approximate or missing, but falling within the date range):

Name Term
Birks Bagwell 1899
W. M. Davis  
Bill Adams  

Frank Freeman


Sam South


Cooch Boon

Samuel L. Dobbs 1906
Dr. W. O. Collins 1916-1919
J. T. McCracken 1919-1924
J.C. (Coger) Shepherd 1926-1930
Mack Karrh 1930-1932
Fred W. Johnson 1932-1936
M.L. Chism 1936-1940
J.D. Scrivner 1940-1944
L. C. Christian 1944-1946
Fred J. (Sox) Johnson 1946-1950
Fred W. Johnson 1950-1955 (May)
D. C. Studdard 1955 (May-June)
J. V. Walker 1955-1956 (April)
D.C. Studdard 1956 (April – October)
Garland Barnes 1956-1960
D.C. Grey 1960-1964
Earl Cannon 1964-1980
Jack Shepherd 1980-1984
Earl Cannon 1984-1992
Roy H. Dobbs 1992-2012
Jimmy Madison 2012-Present