Town Of Berry, Alabama

Civic Center

Berry Civic Center

Berry Civic Center

Berry Civic Center

The Berry Civic Center was constructed by the town council in 2006. Funding for the project was received from various sources including private donations.

The 6,500 sq. ft. building is used for a variety of functions.

The beautiful foyer was decorated by members of the Berry Women’s Club. The members took on the decoration of the foyer as a club project and used club funds as well as donations of money and furniture to decorate the foyer with beautiful furnishings. A lot of work went into the planning and the staging of our foyer and adjacent rooms.

Civic Center Foyer Civic Center Foyer

The center has 16 round tables which will seat 6-8 persons; 8 rectangle tables (usually used for serving); and 175 chairs.

The “Roy Dobbs Conference Room” was named in honor of Mayor Roy Dobbs who worked tirelessly to get the civic center built. The room is furnished with a mahogany conference table and eight chairs. The room is used for project and board meetings.

Civic Center Conference Room

The “Earl McDonald Meeting Room” was named in memory of Mr. Earl McDonald of Fayette, Alabama who bequeathed  $200,000 to perpetuate the maintenance and care of the civic center.  The room is used for small teas and group meetings.  The room can be set up comfortably with three 5’ round tables with a rectangle serving table.

"Earl McDonald" Meeting Room

The “S.L. Hall Auditorium” was named in memory of Mr. S. L. Hall of Berry who annoyously donated the first $100,000 to begin construction of the center and later bequeathed a substantial amount to be used to perpetuate the maintenance and care of the center.  The room can be used as the full auditorium with a stage area.  As described, the room can accommodate weddings, receptions, class reunions, family reunions, and school functions, etc. Video projection equipment is available for use.  The room also has available, for use by an experienced sound equipment operator, a sound board for musical presentations.

 "S. L. Hall" Auditorium  "S. L. Hall" Auditorium

The auditorium can be sectioned into two different size rooms for small functions.

The “Dining Area” is adjacent to the kitchen and will accommodate six-eight 5’ round tables. This room can be used for smaller reunions, teas, etc.

The “Stage Side” is adjacent to the kitchen and will accommodate a medium size function. It is used for reunions, larger size teas, etc.

Dining Area

The kitchen has great counter space for food preparation for any event.  A commercial refrigerator and icemaker is sized to work with any size function.

 Civic Center Kitchen Civic Center Kitchen