Town Of Berry, Alabama

Revenue Department

Tax Rates in the Town of Berry

Property tax:

33 mills 6.5 mills goes to the state
11.5 mills goes to the county
10 mills goes to the Board of Education for schools
5 mills goes the Town of Berry

A mill is defined as a tax applied to real property whereby each mill represents $1 of tax assessment per $1,000 of the property’s assessed value.

Local Gas Tax:

$.01 per gallon on gasoline and diesel delivered within the town limits

Tobacco Tax:

$.08 per pack on cigarette and $.08 per pack other tobacco products
excluding cigars (Link to Tobacco Tax Form)

Sales Tax $.09:

Town - $.03, County- $.02, State- $.04

Revenue Discovery Systems collects sales tax for the town and county. (Link to RDS)

Business License Tax:

See License Ordinance